How do high pressure washers work?

How do high pressure washers work?

How do high pressure washers work?

Discover the benefits a high pressure washer.
A high pressure washer is an incredible piece of equipment capable of spraying water at high pressure. This pressure is ideal for cleaning a variety of elements. Its main characteristic is that it is 10 to 50 times more powerful than a conventional garden hose. Furthermore, they also have the advantage of using up to 80% less water.

How do high pressure washers work?
Pressure washers are equipped with a high pressure pump that generates a large flow. This, combined with valves and nozzles, releases the water at high pressure.
These devices carry out deep cleaning thanks to the high pressure with which they emit water. This equipment is connected to a water supply and exits through a high-pressure nozzle, emitting a concentrated jet that is extremely effective for cleaning.

The benefits of having a high pressure washer at home are multiple. However, here is a list of the most relevant ones to consider:
Time saving
Due to its high efficiency, having a pressure washer at home can make it easier to maintain a clean home. Depending on the power and brand, it is estimated that these devices would save 50% of the time spent cleaning the home. Who doesn't want to shorten their time on these tedious tasks, right?
Water economy and sustainability
Compared to other conventional cleaning methods, high pressure washers save water consumption. Therefore, thanks to the pressure, with a reduced flow, better results are obtained.
Compared to a hose, they are up to 50 times more powerful and save up to 80% of water. Additionally, we can use recycled or collected water sources, such as rainwater. So, while we save time on cleaning, we also help the environment.
Having a high pressure washer at home is synonymous with efficiency. Not only will we save time and money with these devices, but thanks to the high water pressure, the results far exceed any manual system we use for home cleaning. 

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