window washing

window washing

window washing

The price to hire professional window cleaners depends on the number of windows in your home, whether you want the interior and exterior washed, the number of stories in your house, and how dirty the windows are.

Residential Window Cleaning Prices

Residential window cleaning costs average about $250 but can be more or less depending on the situation.

  • The average price for residential exterior window cleaning is $10 per window but ranges from $4-$11
  • Companies that offer interior window cleaning may add about $3 per window in addition to the exterior price.
  • Some window cleaning companies include screen cleaning in their quotes, while others charge an additional $0.50 to $5 per screen.
  • More oversized windows, like picture or bay windows, cost more to clean, averaging about $15
  • Some companies clean sills and tracks, while others charge extra
  • While most window washers charge by the pane or window, the average hourly rate ranges from $40 – $75
  • If your house has more than 2-stories, expect to pay a surcharge for 3rd and 4th-story windows
  • If you need to remove mineral deposits or hard water stains, you’ll pay $20 per window

To estimate your window cleaning costs, count the number of standard-size windows in your home and multiply by $10 for exterior-only cleaning and $13 for exterior and interior cleaning. If you have 20 windows, you can expect to pay around $200 to $260. You can also add $15 for each sliding door or sizable decorative window.

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